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More of us, more from us: international networks meeting July 2019

On the 18th and on 19th July, representatives of the various international organizations working in each of the following transformative economic movements and initiatives - feminist economies, agroecology and food sovereignty, the commons, and the social and solidarity economy, together with education and research, and co-construction of public policy - will meet near Barcelona.

First international meeting towards the FSMET 2020: three days to get to know each other, connect and organize

More than 300 people from 46 different countries. Three days of debates, collective work and assemblies, but also of meeting, exchange and convergence. Three days to get to know each other, to connect and self-organize. Three days to cherish diversity, enhance our complicities and build networks. A common horizon: the first World Social Forum of Transformative Economies (WSFTE) to be held in Barcelona during May 2020.

Cultural proposals WSFTE

A) 20h Ateneu Popular de 9 Barris

Combinat de Circ

A circus show in Ateneu Popular of Nou Barris, a social centre dedicated to culture, circus and community management for social transformation

Price: 6 (+0’80 for manegement)

Ticket Sales:

International Open Forum on transformative economies is coming!


WSFTE 2020 is, any time more, a real fact. More than 300 people from around the world are meeting from Friday 5th to Sunday 7th April at University of Barcelona to debate together around transformative economies: another world already exists!