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Invitation to the Second Open Meeting of the WSFTE

We invite you to participate in this open meeting to be held next Sunday 24th at 8am Montreal/Caracas, 9pm Tokyo/Seul, 2pm Barcelona/Maputo.

The objective of the meeting is to share ideas and proposals to build the WSFTE process together.

At this moment there are missing especially voices and ideas from Asia, Africa and Oceania, so we encourage everyone to participate to achieve a better balance. Together we will continue to build the world we want!

Commons, Care and the Universal Income

According to the world network for basic income: basic income is an unconditional monetary allocation (for all residents of a given nation), the use of which depends entirely on the choice of who receives it or who is entitled to it, destined to guarantee the minimum material conditions of existence that allow for a decent life.

How can Universal Income policies be supported from a Commons perspective?

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