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What is FSMET?

The World Social Forum of Transformative Economies (WSFTE) is the process of convergence of different local and international movements from the alternative economy. Therefore, the main objective of this process is to bring together social movements and projects which share the will to put people and the environment at the centre of the economy, to put an end to an economy based on extraction, growth, competition and the market, and to struggle towards collaborative, resilient societies which develop and reinforce strategic alliances and actions through working together.

The WSFTE seeks to unite forces among existing practices and processes of convergence that are already underway, in order to build together an inclusive global agenda which asserts that another world already exists!

The WSFTE is a thematic forum that falls within the World Social Forum (FSM). The first WSF was held from January 31 to February 5, 2001 in Puerto Alegre (Brazil) and brought together more than 12,000 people. Since then, it has made sixteen editions, and it has been held in different countries such as India, Kenya, Senegal, Tunisia or Canada. The WSF brings together thousands of people from civil society movements who are opposed to neoliberalism and who seek to be an alternative to the current capitalist model.

In the spirit of previous World Social Forums, we intend to bring the goals of grassroots social movements to public services (above all at a municipal and regional level), with the aim of developing public policies which strengthen more humane forms of understanding the economy. We also wish to bring the work which is done in universities and research centres in the transformative economies field into play. To this end, two transversal axes – publicy policies and education and research – will be embedded and will work jointly with the rest of the axes.

We suggest making the process the objective
We’re kick-starting a process of convergence, at both local and international level, of all those projects, movements and ways of understanding the economy that have as a common objective the construction of a genuine transformative alternative to the the existing economic system and capitalist investment.
We want to make this Forum an agora.
We don’t want to limit ourselves to the celebration of a showcase event for expert talking heads, but rather to debate openly what kind of economy we want. Nor do we only want to argue and dream that this “other world is possible”, because we know, as a result of the countless projects that are creating alternatives, that it already exists. We want to find common strategies for making ourselves visible, joining together and growing in number.
We’re working towards a sustainable process
that has continuity beyond the 2020 Forum, both at a local and an international level. In order to do so, we must ensure that it is built from the ground and create face-to-face and virtual coordination spaces locally and internationally which are sustainable as spaces of convergence and transformation.
We want to make transformative economies known
and to reach all those people who aren’t yet a part of them. To this end, we believe that it is essential that the Forum can count on a network of independent, supportive media outlets that can spread the word about the process and guarantee its growth.
Take part of the WSFTE
The FSMET will be a confluence process, and will focus on the local and international issues, from which it will decide on the agenda and contents.
For the two events that will be held in Barcelona, linked to logistics, communication, content, management of people, cultural programming, among others.