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Environmental justice and economic justice to save life on the plante: Call from WSFTE to participate on Social Summit for Climate

The world is literally burning because of the ecological, economic and social crisis caused by a predatory capitalism, and a neoliberal system generating inequalities, concentrating wealth in 1% of the world's population at the detriment of the impoverishment of the 99 % remaining.

It is impossible to plan solutions to the climatic emergency of sustainability without including economic justice and without respect for all living beings on the planet. The challenges we face and consequently the solutions are intrinsically linked.

As the devastating power of the market unfold - from the horrors of wars and repression to the mechanisms of pervasive advertising and ideological control - there is a sense of urgency for all public organizations, associations and social movements to take action towards the common good, to move to economies based on care of life, reciprocity and social justice.

We still have options. Starting with alternative economies oriented towards the generation of living conditions based on reciprocity. Humanity has a plethora of initiatives, movements and ways of thinking, that offer solutions to the crisis. However, the agendas, agreements, consensus, and commitments reached within the framework of the COP processes have not been implemented, reflecting the lack of commitment towards moving towards existing alternatives. 

Today it is necessary to double efforts. Let's take advantage of the different moments of mobilization to co-construct, strengthen and grow our actions. Given the increasing repression and strategies of division and demobilization targeted towards the movements, we will show more unity than ever in the common struggle for justice. Let us unite in our respective fights and understand that only through collective and concerted actions will we achieve the necessary power to save human life of its demise, to achieve sustainability of the planet through the wealth of our knowledge, with justice, redistribution, reciprocal care and solidarity.

In light of this we call on all to participate in the social response to COP 25 and build a community in the face of a climate crisis that is only one of the most visible symptoms of a deeply unfair system. We fully support and encourage participation at the Social Summit for Climate in Madrid which will take place from December 6 to 13.