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Inauguration of the last stage of FSMET

Inauguration of the last stage of FSMET

The inauguration of the last stage of FSMET 2020 will take place next Monday, October 26th at 3 pm CET (you can access the session at this link).

Apart from reviewing the confluence process of recent years and presenting the program for the coming days (ie #AcceptemElRepte sessions and self-managed activities) this session also wants to be a workspace where tools are presented, impressions are exchanged and draw lines to keep moving forward.

For this reason, on the one hand we will talk about the methodology of intermoviment dialogues that have taken place over the years, as well as the dimensions of the confluences that aim to transform the economy, highlighting alliances, challenges and next steps. to follow. On the other hand, the mapping and systematization of confluence works will be presented, a basic tool to achieve the objectives.

Finally, there will be a space for debate where we hope that everyone's contributions will enrich the work done so far and the horizon we set ourselves to move forward!

Check the rest of the program here