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Attention students! Internship offer with WSFTE and RIPESS

Are you a university student looking for a place to do your internship? World Social Forum of Transformative Economies (WSFTE), together with International Network for the Promotion of Social and Solidarity Economy (RIPESS), are offering a six-month internship for Political Sciences, Human Rights, Sociology or Social Movements sudents. 

Inside WSFTE's organization, the intern will:

-Give support to technical work of Coordination Committee, composed by 23 international networks, and support international mobilization commission, and mapping commission

-Give support to the participation and management of Online Forum and central e-mail

-Participate at the commission meetings, write the minutes, and support the dynamization of these spaces

-Give exceptional support to other areas in the technical team

Also, inside RIPESS the intern will:

-Work at RIPESS global vision of Social and Solidarity Economy

-Give support to RIPESS members and participation strategy at WSFTE 

All specific tasks mentioned are always understood as supporting tasks, and they will always be guided by people from technical team, specially from the people in charge of international facilitation areas. 


-Availability to start the internship by mid-January (preferably by 22nd January 2020)

-Six-month internship, with 30 hours of work per week

-Be a university student of the fields of Political Sciences, Human Rights, Sociology, Social Movements and similars

-Be a proactive person, with initiative and the ability to solve problems, and also with the ability to work both in teams and in a self-organized way

If you are interested in the offer, please send your CV and a presentation letter to before December 23rd.

More information here