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Trobada abril 19

More of us, more from us: international networks meeting July 2019

On the 18th and on 19th July, representatives of the various international organizations working in each of the following transformative economic movements and initiatives - feminist economies, agroecology and food sovereignty, the commons, and the social and solidarity economy, together with education and research, and co-construction of public policy - will meet near Barcelona.

It will be a closed working meeting with the aim of establishing a more rigorous working model, with the participation of further networks which may in turn make up a coordination committee with an eye towards 2020.

These networks, some of which have already been working closely on this model, will form a new coordination space together with those who made up the WSFTE 2020 steering group.

-Solidarity Economy Network of Catalonia (XES)

-Alternative and Solidarity Economy Network (Reas)

-Intercontinental Network for the Promotion of Social Solidarity Economy (Ripess)

Following the achievements of the last few months, and the meeting of last April, it is clear that, if we want to reinforce the other world that already exists, we need to explore new ways of working and thriving together. Given these circumstances, it is now essential to count on more networks to continue to evolve in the areas of:

-Territorial diversity, with networks spreading the WSFTE 2020 work flow to different geographical areas

- Diversity of views, movements and transformative projects

-Legitimacy, being able to include more voices

-Momentum, because the more of us there are, the stronger we can be

The focus in these areas should by no means understate the importance of the self-management working models that are already in place in movements, initiatives and local convergences beyond such international networks. Nevertheless, for the moment, and in order to provide the model with enough energy to sustain it, we need to reinforce the international organizations behind them.

We hope that July’s meeting will be a success, and the working model vis-a-vis the WSFTE 2020 will be given the backing it needs to stay on track as we advance towards a reality that is getting closer each step of the way.