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Save the date: 18th December, Twitter Action for the WSFTE

Christmas is one of the most consumerist periods of the year. To combat it we want to fill Twitter with transforming messages on Wednesday 18th of December. We want you to join us in a Twitter Action, where you can write a tweet to explain why you join the WSFTE. Your message must be accompanied by the hashtag #IJoinWSFTE and the link to Goteo:

We have looked for a time that can fit in different parts of the world. It has been estimated that the best time to perform the Twitter Action will be the following:

08:00 hour in Argentina

09:00 hour in Colombia

15:00 hour in Spain

16: 00 hour in South Africa

20:30 hour in India

Here are some examples of Twitter posts for this action.

 1: The #transformativeeconomies are the real alternative to capitalism and we want to grow to build a fairer world. Therefore, #IJoinWSFTE through its crowdfunding:

2: I dream of leaving a better world for my children: less aggressive with human rights and sustainable for the environment. Therefore, #IJoinWSFTE through its crowdfunding:

3: The economic revolution will be feminist. That's why #IJoinWSFTE through its crowdfunding:

4: I want an inclusive world, where each person's voice is worth regardless of their place of origin, sex, race, religion, beliefs or culture. For this purpose #IJoinWSFTE through its crowdfunding:

We want that this message arrives everywhere and it can be translated into more donations in this final countdown of the campign. Would you help us?