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WFSTE continues to move forward

After the communication of the suspension of the presential event of the FSMET in June, several weeks have passed in which the networks, organizations and collectives continue working and articulating themselves. Last Thursday, April 16th, the Coordinating Committee (CC) of the WSFTE met to see how to advance in this new context and the response was unanimous: from the Transformative Economies we have to work for the construction of an Agenda in the new post-pandemic context, now more than ever!

Therefore, we want to crystallize our reflections, contributions and experiences in two important moments/milestones:

-June (virtual meeting with various activities in the form of webminars and/or meetings) 

-October (meeting within the framework of the FESC, the Solidarity Economy market in Catalunya)

In that context, we have started to draw this process that we want to be collective and participatory and therefore to all the people and networks that have been immersed in the process we call you to a meeting next Wednesday April 29th at 16h(CET) to think together about proposals for initiatives and activities for that events.