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How to participate?

The FSMET is organised around 3 main convergence spaces, where participants in the Forum process can get to know each other, dialogue, share ideas and proposals, aggregate and form consensus around common issues. These spaces are not intended to be all separate from each other, but have different dynamics and levels of networking. Transversal interaction is encouraged and will be part of the program of the event in Barcelona, so participants can be part of different spaces at the same time. The 3 convergence spaces are as described below:

As an individual, organisation, collective or institution you can register to take part in the process and stay updated.

By registering you will be declaring your intention to participate in the process towards the Forum, you will receive the newsletter and be able to be in touch with other participants in your territory that work in similar fields.

You will be able to register in between late December and beginning of January - [When open - please keep an eye]: Join

We invite you to share your transformative economy initiative and participate in the official Forum event (25-28 June).

You will be able to submit your proposal by mid January - [When open - please keep an eye on our website and media channels]

International Online Meetings are scheduled to inform new organizations and groups of the process. You are welcome to visit the reports from the last IOM in October 25th. You are welcome to join them in the language you are more comfortable with (English, Spanish, French). Follow the link for further information on the IOM and fill in the form if you want to join the upcoming ones.

Our next IOMs will take place on the platform Zoom, at the following moments:

January - 2nd International Online Meeting

Meeting in Spanish: Thursday, January 30, 2020

Meeting in English: Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Meeting in French: Tuesday, January 28, 2020

February - 3rd International Online Meeting

March - 4th International Online Meeting

(If your mother tongue is other than one of our of icial languages: Catalan, English, French and Spanish)

We understand that millions of people who practice transformative economies in the world neither speak nor understand any of our official languages, and yet we want to include everyone within the WSFTE.

Therefore, we invite people like you, who both understand English and your mother language, to help us connect those grassroot people in your country with the process.

We will be providing you with a series of basic material: documents, newsletters and similar that we would very much appreciate you translate into the languages you speak.

If you would like to volunteer, get in touch with us, letting us know your availability and the language you can translate into at: and

We have opened a crowdfunding campaign with Goteo’s support. We invite all organizations and individuals involved in the journey towards the WSFTE to make donations, from 10 to 1.000 euros!
If you are planning on coming during the days of the event and would like to contribute get in touch with:

The commissions are working spaces were participants meet physically or virtually in order to prepare and organize the event of the WSF.

People who want to contribute within the commissions should be part of the organizations that are within the Coordination Committee or be part of a thematic/local convergence.

To join the commissions, you can get in touch with them via the following e-mails:

- Communication Commission:

- Economic and Funding Commission:

- Content Commission:

- International Mobilization Commission:

- Virtual mobilization Commission:

- Mapping Commission:

- Welcoming and Care Commission:

Find out more about them in the Online Forum (under “Assemblies”):

If you wish to become a part of the Coordination Committee, please get in touch with with the subject “Join CC”. [Further on we will provide you with a form]

Convergence: Local and thematic convergences are spaces where people gather by geographical or sectorial affinity to focus on specific topics. Convergences are actually working groups for such purposes, and they can evolve into permanent networks, such as XES in Catalonia and Brazilian Solidarity Economy Forum for the local ones; or INAISE and URGENCI for sectorial ones to go on keeping such efforts.

Transformative economies: is a catch-all concept for ideas within socio-economic transformation that take this same direction. There are different ‘movements of movements’, interconnected with each other and with other schools of thought, which are the heart of virtuous circle of the transformative economies: The social and solidarity economy, economy based on the commons or pro-commons, the feminist economies, the agroecology and food sovereignty movements.

At the online forum you will find the currently existing ones, that you are welcome to join and actively engage as well as creating new ones:

Local convergences: Where people gather by geographical affinity (city, region, country).

You can find the existing ones in the Online Forum and join them:

Or ask to create a new space in the Online Forum:

1) Fill in the form.

2) Send it to and

Thematic convergences: Where people gather by sectorial affinity

- Co-constructing Public Policies

- Education, Training and Research

You can find the existing ones in the Online Forum and join them .

Or ask to create a new space in the Online Forum:

1) Fill in the following form.

2) Send it to and

Transformative Economies Movements

- Feminist Economies and gender perspective.

- Agroecological and Food Sovereignty Movements.

- The Commons (natural, urban and digital).

- The Social and Solidarity Economy (including fair trade, cooperativism and ethical finance).

You can find the existing ones in the Online Forum and join them.

Or ask to create a new space in the Online Forum:

1) Fill in the following form.

2) Send it to and

The aim is to facilitate meeting spaces where the participants in convergences and movements decide how to organize in order to achieve a sustainability of those spaces that can remain beyond the WSF, as well as having the power to influence local, national and international decision-making.

In accordance with WSF principles and practices, we encourage initiatives to self-organize in their territories and internationally, encouraging groups to engage in the different movements and convergences, as well as preparing activities under the responsibility of individuals, organizations or a specific coalition of participating organizations. Coalitions can be widened through participation of those organizations in convergences and movements spaces. This way the articulations in the event will be a culmination of dynamics already that have already started.