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The governance model of the FSMET invites self-organisation and self-management of the process. In order to ensure its development, the Coordination Committee, formed by the networks driving the process, is responsible for the global vision, as well as the definition of the political bases and objectives of the process, the strategy and the general framework on which the WSFTE process is built (content, programming criteria, common bases for self-organisation, etc) as well as the creation of content. It is organized through commissions.
If you want to be part of the FSMET Governance, join its Coordinating Committee and participate in the Working Commissions. You can do it by filling in this form
In July 2019 the Coordination Committee was formed to replace and expand the driving group, which included REAS, RIPESS and the XES. It is composed of about twenty international networks and the confluence of Barcelona. Its main mission is to assume the Governance of the WSFTE process, which must be diverse, transparent, democratic, collectively built, encourage the participation of all international networks and maintain links with other World Social Forums.
The Coordination Committee promotes the work within the working commissions, the space for participation of actors from different parts of the world and the different international networks.