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The Convergence: towards the WSFTE 2020!

The WSFTE is much more than just the driving forces behind it, and is looking to reach out to all organizations and movements already working along the same lines of the Transformative Economies in their areas. It is a collective, self-organized process from its foundations, or, in other words, from the axes, the local platforms and the convergence assembly.

All organizations, movements and transformative networks are encouraged to actively participate in the process of building the WSFTE and to join the convergence

The Forum is coordinated through axes of convergence, where different movements, networks, organizations and people meet and discuss, on a self-organized basis key issues of convergence, challenges, future strategies and the agenda for the meet-ups in 2019 and 2020. Contact us!

Axes of Transformative Economies:

  • Feminist Economies and those with a gender perspective:
  • The Agroecological and Food Sovereignty Movements:
  • Environmental, urban and digital Commons:
  • Social and Solidarity Economies (including fair trade, cooperativism and ethical banking):
    • Transversal thematic axes:

      • Co-construct Public Policy
      • Education, Training and Research
      • To facilitate active participation from around the world in the convergence axes of Transformative Economies, the WSFTE will provide a virtual meet-up space, complementing the face-to-face meetings which will take place in various locations. For more information:

The WSFTE encourages various Transformative Economies movements and organizations to self-coordinate in each territorial area, thus providing visibility to the Forum and encouraging individuals and local transformative groups to actively engage in different axes. The Local Convergences are meeting spaces which each area has the responsibility to decide how to organize in order to best achieve territorial convergence that is sustainable beyond 2020, as well as having the power to influence local, national and international decision-making.

The situation in each local area is different, and although WSFTE encourages all transformative participants to be connected with grassroots projects to be linked in with the workforce based on the main axes, should this not be possible, we offer the opportunity to participate directly in the Convergence Assembly to ensure that all territorial areas are fully represented in the lead-up to the Forum. For more information:

It is a meeting space for international networks linked to Transformative Economies, where the development of international convergence strategy is co-constructed, and the dissemination and active participation of its members in the different convergence areas of the Forum are promoted. For more info:

It is the meeting space where dialogue and convergences between movements, local and international actors of the different axes, territorial confluences and international promoters that make up the Transformative Economies take place. In addition, it is where the general objectives of the Forum and the ways of accomplishing them will be defined

The communication process of the WSFTE is fundamental for guaranteeing the fluidity of the internal convergence procedures and for achieving a greater impact externally. The communication working group will coordinate a network of related media and other cultural and artistic communication outlets, both locally and internationally. For more information:

In Barcelona, a logistics working group will be set up to respond to the logistical challenge and meet all WSFTE needs, in keeping with the values that promote and encourage inter-cooperation processes between transformative economies projects. For more information:

We will also need Volunteers for the two events in logistics, communication, content, personal management and cultural programming, among others.