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WSFTE’s program will include activities proposed by groups around the World

From Asia, America, Africa or Europe are some of the proposal activities that will be included in the program of the World Social Forum of Transformative Economies (WSFTE), which will take place from 25th to 28th of June 2020 in Barcelona.

Specifically, around ten groups, networks, organizations or actors of the transformatives economies have made their contributions in the last ten days.

The programme of the Forum will be forged through a process of co-creation with the propose of activities or initiatives that are submitted by the groups, networks, organisations or entities from around the planet. In this sense, the February 24th was opened, until 15th of April, the web site where people can present activities.

For the moment, most of the proposals that have been presented are from the social solidarity economy, but there are also from another sectors such as knowledge, education, agroecology or alternative communication.

Five of them will be held in French, three in English, one in Catalan, one in Spanish and two in English and Spanish. However, the idea is to present proposals with a wide variety of languages to show an inclusive WSFTE.

In the case of the type of proposals, there are from documentary presentations, photography exhibitions, seminars, workshops and even a correfoc and a castell (human castle), two traditional activities of Catalonia adapted for the occasion. The capitalism will be burned in the correfoc, while between all of us, we build the alternatives to the system, which are the transformative economies.

Any entity, group or person can present a proposal of activities, as long as they are according the values of WSFTE, which are included in this Call for Activities.

Moreover, on the same website, people or organizations, who want to come to the WSFTE, can also make the registrations. The participants can find on the web all the practical information required of the registers forms or about the days that will take place de WSFTE. That information also you can see in that video.