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Operational team

Bearing in mind the political strategy defined by the Coordination Committee and the working commissions, the Operational Team sets the strategy to make the process a reality. Therefore , its tasks are invisibilized and reproductive, but they are those that facilitate the basis and the structure, where different levels of self-organizing processes are based.

The Operational team, composed by 10 people working part-time, is structured in four different areas:


  • Mobilization: this area facilitates and supports the collective process, keeping in touch and mobilizing the different participants of WSFTE, both from local and international sphere. WSFTE is a process under construction, so its creation and the relationship between entities, networks and people is done virtually. That’s why this area is composed by three people working in international, local and virtual spheres.


  • Communications area has the task of making WSFTE known to society, and also to show its building process, its messages or its agenda. It is divided into two connected branches in which 2 people are working. Press is the one that maintains the relationship with both print, audiovisual and digital media , updates the website and generates news related to WSFTE; While, Communications has the task of spreading the Forum messages through social media, maintaning contact with bloggers, managing internal and external communications, as well as promoting marketing and advertising strategies.


  • Production and logistics area: this team of 3 people works to make WSFTE a reality between 25th and 28th June. To do so, it plans all the strategy to start up and carry out the Forum, so, among other things, it is responsible for preparing the spaces, providing attendants with accommodation or proposing the artistic performances that will be enjoyed during the Forum. ,


  • Economic area has two branches and two people working on that: one for fundraising, and another one for administration. Fundraising is responsible for seeking funds so that WSFTE can be carried out, as well as monitoring both the projects and agreements. The administration part is the one that manages the Forum resources.