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Thank you for subscribing to our newsletter to keep updated with the news of the process towards WSFTE 2020. July has arrived, and it has come with some news.


Network and international organizations meeting - 18th-19th July

On the 18th and on 19th July, representatives of the various international organizations working in each of the following transformative economic movements and initiatives - feminist economies, agroecology and food sovereignty, the commons, and the social and solidarity economy, together with education and research, and co-construction of public policy - will meet near Barcelona.

It will be a closed working meeting with the aim of establishing a more rigorous working model, with the participation of further networks which may in turn make up a coordination committee with an eye towards 2020.

These networks, some of which have already been working closely on this model, will form a new coordination space together with those who made up the WSFTE 2020 steering group.

Some of the networks that have already confirmed their presence are:


The Commons

Commons Network



Remix The Commons


Feminist economies




Red Mujeres del Mundo



Agroecology and food sovereignty



Alliance for food sovereignty Africa


Social and solidarity economy

Confederación Latinoamericana de Cooperativas y Mutuales de Trabajadores (Colacot)


World Fair Trade Organization (WFTO)





Public policies


Global Fund for Cities Development  (FMDV)

Ajuntament Barcelona + Agència Catalana de Cooperació al Desenvolupament



Campaña por un Currículum Global de la Economía Social y Solidaria


Other movements

Systemic Alternatives


With the participation of these and other networks that will be confirming their involvement, we expect to evolve in the areas of:


-Territorial diversity, with networks spreading the WSFTE 2020 workflow to different geographical areas

- Diversity of views, movements and transformative projects

-Legitimacy, being able to include more voices

-Momentum, because the more of us there are, the stronger we can be


Materials to share from 5th-7th April meeting in Barcelona

Do you want to rekindle the first international meeting preparing WSFTE 2020 that was celebrated 5th to 7th April at the University of Barcelona? Or maybe you couldn't participate, but you want to have an image of what was proposed and said. Do you need more materials to share the process towards WSFTE 2020 with your local convergence, organization or network? You can access them in our website:


Memory of the first outcomes until april 2019 meeting

Here you can consult the steps followed to arrive to the meeting on april 2019, know more about the process and the results of this meeting, and have more details of the activities made. 



Image gallery

Here you have a photo registry from the three days of April’s meeting, made by La Pera and Bruna photographers.

You can also download the photos of the four characters from transformative economies. Original photos were taken by photographer Jordi Plana during WSFTE’s spot filming. 



Video gallery

If you still haven’t heard about the four superheros and superheroins from feminist economies, this is the moment for you to watch and share our spot, made by Bruna, Metromuster and Quepo



Do you have six minutes? You can listen to a diversity of voices who participated in April’s meeting, in this video summary made by Looky



And if you missed the International Open Forum Session, here you can see the register from the streaming made by Claraboia, enjoy the music performances and listen to the voices of the eight international speakers. 




Graphic rapporteurship

The International Open Forum was not only registered in video. It was also captured in the illustrations of the graphic rapporteurship made by Tinta Fina, where you can find a summary of the main ideas that were exposed. 




Participation space - Forum Virtual

Although most participants of the process towards WSFTE 2020 have already registered at Forum Virtual, the online participation space, we want to know more about you! Inside the Forum we have opened a new space to introduce yourselves, so everyone can explain who is he or she, from which organization and territory does he or she come from, and on which topics has he or she been working so far, to make easier interacting with the rest of the participants.